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Everbrite Coatings

Everbrite covering is a tough, clear protective covering that will bring back the colour and brilliance of old, faded powder coated or painted metals and shield from the harm that the sun, salt air, dampness and other harming components can bring about. It is best for painted or powder coated coloured metals, rusted steel engineering, copper rooftops and copper outside fittings, and fiberglass.

Everbrite Protective Coating has extra U.V. blockers and anti-oxidants in it to prevent chalking, fading, oxidation and corrosion.

Sealed surfaces are cleaned effortlessly with mild cleaner and water. Metals stay cleaner longer, show less fingerprints and will be considerably less demanding to keep up with less effort and time

Uses for Everbrite Coatings

Painted & Powder coated surfaces

Revives the colour and brilliance of faded, dull aluminium or steel, metal structures and rooftops, curtain wall, shop fronts, window extrusions, garage and storage doors, aluminium joinery and outside metals that need U.V. assurance.

Copper and rusted metal architecture

Use on copper roofs, copper gutters and more


Farm Equipment
Tractors etc
Outdoor Toys

Unpainted Metals in the marine environment:

stainless steel

Both coatings are highly resistant to salts and chlorine

Interior Metal


Both coatings can be used indoors